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#0 100 Hole Manual Capsule Filling Machinery Plate Transparent Pressed Powder

1) 100 holes manual capsule filling machine is suitable for # 0 capsule 2) Is made of transparent acrylic material,

0-0.8mm 0.01mm Level Gauge Metric Precision Metric Trapezoidal Rail Dial Test Indicator

Characteristic & Function: A magnetic stand that uses a switchable permanent magnet for convenient mounting onto flat iron or steel

0-100 HA Hardness Tester Meter Shore Type A/O/D Rubber Tire Durometer

Features: Easy to use, accurate measurement, easy to carry, durable and stable, practical and strong. This rubber hardness tester is

0-100mm Digital Carbon Fiber Composites Digital Vernier Caliper

Features: Made of Carbon Fiber Composites. Internal, external and height dimensions can be easily and accurately measured. Linear capacitive measuring

0-12.7mm Electronic Micrometer Digital Thickness Meter Gauge 0.01mm Flat Measurement for Thickness

Function: Down measuring surface ON/OFF switch Metric / Inch system interchange at any position With data output interface Specifications: Measuring

0-130MM Digital Height Gauge Table Saw

Specification: Practicability: for horizontal & vertical measuring. 130mm measuring range and accurate to 0.1mm. Three measurement units: mm/inch/fraction, one key

0-150mm Solar Powered Plastic Digital Caliper Mini LCD Electronic Vernier Caliper Ruler

Features: Solar-powered design to save energy and practical use.  Linear capacitive measurement system and zero adjustment in any position.  With

0-32 Sugar 0-140 Fruit Wine 0-27 Baume High-Precision Scale Display Refractometer Detector Refractometer

Features: * Equipped with scale measurement that provides direct reading * Approved by strict quality and safety standards * Durable