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DT830B AC/DC LCD Digital Multimeter for Ammeter Voltmeter Resistance

Features: 3 1/2 figures, 7 segments, 0.5 “high LCD display. Max display: 1999, automatic display polarity. Small and compact design.

MS8268 Auto Range LCD Digital Multimeter Full protection AC/DC Voltmeter Ammeter Ohm Capacitance NCV Electrical Tester

Features: Display: counts 4000 Auto Ranging: Auto & Manual APO: Auto Power Off Sound/Light Warning: For incorrectly inserting the input

Power Tester Multi-Function Meter USB Detector Digital Display Ammeter Voltmeter Current Meter Head

UPGRADED MULTIFUNCTIONAL USB C POWER METER: Detects the charging status and process of your USB-enabled or type c-enabled devices. Supports

USB Current and Voltage Tester, Voltage Ammeter, Voltage Tester Double Table Display

Product Descriptions This is USB Detector Current Voltage Tester. A very useful device for USB port checking and charger use

XL830L Digital Electrical LCD Compact Multimeter Voltmeter Ammeter OHM Meter

Overview: XL830L is a pocket-size digital multimeter. It can be used to measure voltage AC, voltage DC, current DC, resistance,