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BH-90A Portable Combustible Gas Alarm Detector Waterproof Gas Tester

BH-90A h2s gas detector is a single gas detector with high performance-price ratio. It adopts high quality sensors and embedded

Carbon Monoxide CO LPG LNG Gas Leak Sensor Detector

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  • Carbon Monoxide CO LPG LNG Gas Leak Sensor Detector Color box 50pcs/ctn , 13kgs/ctn
Port: Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen Lead Time :3-5 Working days

Carbon Monoxide Gas Sensor Monitor Alarm Detector

Features: Sensitivity/Alarm Time:Within 60~90 minutes at 50ppm CO concentration;Within 10~40 minutes at 100ppm CO concentration;Within 3 minutes at 300ppm CO

Smart Sensor AR8500 – Digital Portable Automotive Ammonia Gas Meter Tester Monitor NH3 Detector

FEATURES: High precision, respond quickly. Stable performance, high accuracy. Auto-power off. Compact portable size, easy to use. 2.7″ large LCD

WINTACT WT8812 Combustible Gas, Oxygen O2 Hydrogen Sulfide H2S Carbon Monoxide CO Detection Gas Monitor

  Introduction. Compound Gas Monitor adopts high-quality gas sensors, which displays safety and reliability with accurate measurement and stable performance.

WINTACT WT8820 High Quality Combustible Gas Detector

item value Warranty 1 Year Warranty Type Gas Leak Detector Customized support OEM, ODM Place of Origin China Brand Name

WINTACT WT8827 Freon Gas Detector handheld industrial freon halogen refrigeration leak detector

  Feature: 1. The use of high‑sensitivity sensors has quick response and can quickly detect gas leaks. 2. The detector