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0-130MM Digital Height Gauge Table Saw

Specification: Practicability: for horizontal & vertical measuring. 130mm measuring range and accurate to 0.1mm. Three measurement units: mm/inch/fraction, one key

EM2271 Digital Thickness Gauge Tester Coating Painting

Specifications: Model Number:EM2271 Measuring range:0.0mm to 2.0mm,0mil to 80mil Type:Paint Thickness Tester Usage:Portable Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Application:Working Gauges Resolution:0.1mm/1mil

GM100 Ultrasound Digital Thickness Gauge Meter

This ultrasonic thickness gauge is an intelligent handheld product,which adopts ultrasonic measuring principle. Controlled by micro processor,provides quick and precise

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Rain Meter Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

A weather station kit that will allow you to measure the wind speed, wind direction, rain fall, temperature and humidity,

Mini Digital Electronic Diamond Caliper Jewelry Ruler 0.01mm Measuring Gauge

This compact digital gem gauge is excellent for convenience and accuracy. Zero can be set at any position using the

Mini Digital Thickness Gauges Horizontal Electronic 0-25.4mm Caliper Measuring Tool Meter Vernier Calibrator

FEATURES: 1. Extra large LCD screen. With a protective case. Satin-chrome finish, carbide faces. Data hold and wipe out, data

NK-500N Precision Force Dial Mechanical Push-Pull Gauge

The NK, NLB, ALB series are analog force gauge with compact size and high accuracy. They are easy to operate

SF-500N LCD Display Digital Portable Force Gauge Pull Push Gauge Dynamometer Tester

This product is a simple push force meter with high performance. Features: Digital screen, easy reading Light weight, small size,

TU-21 Cylinder Leakage Leakdown Leak Detector Engine Compression Tester Gauges

Features: Designed to detect a variety of common engine faults including: Worn piston rings, worn valves, cracks in cylinder walls

Universal Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge 5MHZ Φ10 (5P10) Standard Sensor Accessory Probe

FEATURES: High thickness measurement accuracy Wide range of measurements Customizable interfaces Field of application Metal part thickness measurement Measuring tube