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0-130MM Digital Height Gauge Table Saw

Specification: Practicability: for horizontal & vertical measuring. 130mm measuring range and accurate to 0.1mm. Three measurement units: mm/inch/fraction, one key

EM2271 Digital Thickness Gauge Tester Coating Painting

Specifications: Model Number:EM2271 Measuring range:0.0mm to 2.0mm,0mil to 80mil Type:Paint Thickness Tester Usage:Portable Paint Coating Thickness Gauge Application:Working Gauges Resolution:0.1mm/1mil

GM100 Ultrasound Digital Thickness Gauge Meter

This ultrasonic thickness gauge is an intelligent handheld product,which adopts ultrasonic measuring principle. Controlled by micro processor,provides quick and precise

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Rain Meter Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

A weather station kit that will allow you to measure the wind speed, wind direction, rain fall, temperature and humidity,

NK-500N Precision Force Dial Mechanical Push-Pull Gauge

The NK, NLB, ALB series are analog force gauge with compact size and high accuracy. They are easy to operate

SF-500N LCD Display Digital Portable Force Gauge Pull Push Gauge Dynamometer Tester

This product is a simple push force meter with high performance. Features: Digital screen, easy reading Light weight, small size,

TU-21 Cylinder Leakage Leakdown Leak Detector Engine Compression Tester Gauges

Features: Designed to detect a variety of common engine faults including: Worn piston rings, worn valves, cracks in cylinder walls