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6 LED PIR Motion Sensor LED Indoor Night Light with Battery Operated for Bedroom

Built-in light sensor, it can automatically recognize daytime and night, automatically standby in daytime and light up at night. Perfectly

BENETECH WT83 Mini Hygrometer Handheld Digital Temperature Pyrometer Humidity Meter Indoor Outdoor Weather Station Controller

FEATURES: MAX and MIN Reading Quickly and conveniently take accurate humidity and temperature readings with the WT83 Humidity Temperature Meter.

Carbon Monoxide Gas Alarm Sensor Poisoning Smoke Gas Tester Human Voice Warning Detector For Alarm System

Product Introduction This product is a smart carbon monoxide detector with voice prompt, microprocessor control, support displaying of the carbon

Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Rain Meter Tipping Bucket Rain Gauge

A weather station kit that will allow you to measure the wind speed, wind direction, rain fall, temperature and humidity,

TS79 3 In 1 Stud Finder Detector Metal Detector Wood Detector Find AC Voltage Live Detect Wall Scanner

Descriptions: This Floureon 3 in 1 stud, metal, and live AC wire auto calibrated detector is a good tool when