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12V Car Battery Tester Micro-200 High Battery Capacity Tester for Gel Flood

Function: Car battery tester for different batteries (12V battery, 12V&24V system) It suitable for: automobile factory, garage, auto battery manufacturer,

1AC-D Ultra Safe and Non Contact Electric Voltage Tester Pen Detector 90-1000V with LED Light and Voltage Alert

Features: Suitable for home and electrical industry. Ideal for testing power cables, circuit breakers, wall sockets, junction boxes, fuses, etc.

4 in 1 Electronic Soil Temperature Survey Meter

Features: 100% Brand New.Color: Black YellowMaterial: Plastics and stainless metal.Ideal and necessary tool for gardeners, vegetable and fruit growers, and

4 pins Sensor Wood Moisture Meter Handheld Digital Moisture Meter for Wood Damp Tester MD814

Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details
  • 4 pins Sensor Wood Moisture Meter Handheld Digital Moisture Meter for Wood Damp Tester MD814
  • Color box ,
  • 52x27.5x27cm,
  • 10.5kg/ctn ,
  • 40pcs/ctn
Port:Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Shenzhen Lead Time :3 to 5 working days

5-36V LCD Digital Circuit Tester Voltage Meter Pen Car Truck Circuit Scanner Power Probe Automotive Diagnostic Tool

Features: Backlit LCD display for accurate voltage readings. LED indication of red for power and green for ground. Spiral cable

BA101 Automotive 12V Vehicle Battery Tester Scanner Battery Analyzer

This Battery tester is designed to test the condition of the automotive battery using conductance method. Unlike the conventional method of

BT-168 Universal AA AAA C D 9V Button Cell Battery Tester

Features: Universal Button Battery Tester Checker AA, AAA Cd 9V Do not for Guess which Maintenance Batteries and What to Throw, fold

BT-168D Digital Battery Tester Electronic Measure Controller

Features: Digital display, more easy to read data. It can quickly check the battery capacity. Compact size and light weight.

BT-568 LCD Display 0-9V Digital Battery Tester Checker for AA AAA R1 LR1

The Battery Tester is reliable and easy to use, lightweight and compact size This Cell Checker Tool device has the

Car brake fluid oil tester detection pen

Brake fluid detection pen is based on the change in conductivity to determine the moisture change brake fluid. It shows

Car Spark Plug Tester Pen Detector Diagnostic Tool

Use this ignition spark tester to check the condition of the ignition system at each cylinder without going to expensive

Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester GM3123

Characteristics and functions: 1. Self-discharge function to make, safe operation 2. LCD back-Light Digital reading screen 4. Live warning symbols