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Electric Shower Head Hot Water Heater

Easy installation and removed. Excellent self heating function. Heating controlled automatically by handle switch. Water saving nozzle, easy to install

Greentest ECO-V5 Nitrate Detector for Fruit Vegetable Meat and Water Hardness Environmental Radiation

Specifications: Brand Name: Generic Model Number: Greentest ECO-V 5 Power: Electronic Usage time: Up to 20 hours ( fully charged) Measurement margin of error: <10%

Greentest ECO5 with Water Function and Test Fish, Fruit, Vegetable and Meat Food Environmental Safety Tester

Specifications: Brand Name: Generic Model Number: Greentest ECO5 Power: Electronic Nitrate measurement range: 0 – 9999 mg/kg Measurement time: ~3

Greentest ECO5F Vegetables Fruits, Meat, Fish and Water Quality Radiation Nitrate Residue Food Environmental Safety Tester

Specifications: Brand Name: Generic Model Number: Greentest ECO5F Power: Electronic Operating temperature: 0 – 60 ° Use time: 20 hours ( fully charged ) Supply

High Accuracy Pocket-sized 3 in 1 Digital LCD TDS / EC / PH / TEMP Water Quality Meter Tester

Features: Use to measure the PH & TDS & TEMP of solution. Electrode probe can be replaced, ATC function. Easy

Meter Tester Water Quality Test LCD Backlight Portable Orp Redox Meter

Oxidation reduction potential(ORP) is a process by which a molecule or ion loses or gains electrons. This occurs most readily

PH-009 Original Pocket Pen Type Water y0.0-14.0pH PH Meter Digital Tester for Aquarium Pool Water Laboratory

Features: The electrode has been used(laid) for long time from the last calibratio The electrode has been used in particularly

Portable Electric Water Dispenser Drinking Absorber Pumping Bucket

Electric and pumping device suitable for pure bottled drinking water Replaced by hand pressure water and bacteria in drinking fountains

RH43 Foldable Water Resistant Nylon Travel Luggage Bag Waterproof Handbags

Made from high quality waterproof and tear resistant nylon material, great resistance under small and middle rain. Lightweight and roomy.

TDS EC Meter Temperature Tester pen 3 in 1 Function Conductivity Water Quality Measurement Tool TDS

Lock function, easy to read and save, the instrument locks playback. Five minutes automatic shutdown function, battery will not run

TDS-1396 TDS Water Quality Test Pen Digital Temperature Meter

Features: Used to measure the solution pH and TDS and temperature. Electrode probe can be replaced, ATC function. Easy to

Usb Charging Automatic Water Bottle Pump, Portable Electric Water Dispenser Pump

Specifications: Type: Cold Installation: Desktop Housing Material: Stainless Steel Certification: CE Dimensions: 13.5 * 9.5 * 9.3 ( cm )